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Trump be wiser than the devil trumpusa rock rollyoure driving them nuts and were all loving it keep it up mr president youre doing an Bryce Harper Pennsylvania Clearwooder Shirt awesome job god bless you and god bless the americas we dont need aoc in the senate lets. Its unbecoming of someone in your position just keep real like you always do and we will continue to support you a do q is thanksgiving what do you want gone in pants now for the group of corrupt teachers in east baton rouge that hate you and your followers and are after rich childrenlets start an investigation when snl does a skit about the dems and its funny httpswwwfacebookcomseanhannityvideos wont cite a source because it isnt real nancy the ripper will pour a little more vodka on her corn flakes this morning nancy pelosi is single handedly responsible for the demise of the democratic party honesthardworkingstraight to the pointright decision maker and dedication to the american people thats all the qualities that a great leader should have and prestrump haveyou earned the approval rating sir its a shame what a price you had to pay for that if you can see what it worked with you instead of against you we all be a whole lot better off. Well I dont think you should be commenting about anything because you are obviously not intelligent enough to be engaging in any sort of discussion why is it taking so longhow is he the swamp we republicans didnt cry for years when we didnt approve of obamaits only right to have our president respected even if u dont like him

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