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Need to be jailed their bank accounts investigated and seized with their property all to be liquidated to benefit the american taxpayers I would expect nothing less than a Dan Patrick Show Beer Here Shirt deep dive into the bho administration we want indictments prosecutions and prison time for the conspirators a strong message needs sent or if they skate we have no justice in americahow do you expect people to fight to keep must be time to seek justice and have each and every person involved repay every cent they stole and be duly prosecuted and sent to jail for there part in defruading the country and the president elect justice must be done for future generations to come mr president you hold the reins. The only way to stop this stuff is to hit their pocketbook and their retirementim praying that they are all prosecuted enough with their unfair double standard. I said this would help not hurt him the dems have nobody worth voting for which helps alsobut they would rather vote for one of them just to spite trump republican or democrat america is still divided and you need to do something to bring the two together keep making up your numbers your base love it

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